Curried Cauliflower & Chickpea Salad w/ Coconut Quinoa

I used to never like salads and too be honest I still don’t really. It should be a big surprise considering I am vegan, but there is more to a plant-based diet then salads!

I have recently been trying out new ways to spice up boring old lettuce and this recipe is by far my favorite! All of the textures and flavors all combine perfectly and I could honestly eat this everyday.  Continue reading “Curried Cauliflower & Chickpea Salad w/ Coconut Quinoa”

The Best Spaghetti Sauce Recipe

Now you might be thinking….do you really believe that you made the best spaghetti sauce recipe?? Yes and….maybe yes. Let me tell you something. Spaghetti is one of my favorite dishes to make, as I have been trying to perfect my recipe for nearly a year now. 

I feel that my recipe is nearly close to my definition of perfect, so of course I had to share it with all with you. Continue reading “The Best Spaghetti Sauce Recipe”

Easy Vegan Mushroom Gravy

Another thanksgiving recipe coming to you! Gravy is a staple in a thanksgiving meal. It is topped on everything and anything! Mashed potatoes, stuffing, veggies…you name it. Turkey gravy is often very salty and not vegan of course. I threw together this really simple and easy gravy that will hit the spot this thanksgiving.

It is amazing on top of my Vegan Lentil Stuffing! This gravy is lower in sodium then your traditional gravy, and is made out of pretty simple ingredients. Continue reading “Easy Vegan Mushroom Gravy”

Vegan Lentil Stuffing | Healthy & Easy

It’s finally that time of year! Thanksgiving is less then a week away and I can not wait any longer. I am so excited to stuff myself with a ton of delicious vegan food. Before I was vegan I always thought that I would start hating thanksgiving, because there would be no options. No turkey?! What am I going to eat?!

What I have learned over this past year of being vegan is that, I don’t have to miss out on anything!! Almost anything can be made vegan. From mashed potatoes to stuffing, I can have it all. Last year I made a couple recipes of my own for thanksgiving and I didn’t have a chance to share it with you all. Unfortunately, those recipes got lost. This year I decided to give those recipes another try and I made them even better this time.  Continue reading “Vegan Lentil Stuffing | Healthy & Easy”

Simple Vegan Pasta

I feel like I haven’t POSTED IN FOREVER! Its only been a couple days, but that feels like forever for me…so sorry 😦  I am back!! I am not going to be able to post any recipes this weekend because I am going on a little trip, but I will definitely be posting my updates/what I am doing/tips/etc. LOL!

I have been and always will be obsessed with PASTA! Its seriously so delicious and you have no regrets about eating it when its filled with nutritious plant-based foods. So…SAY BYE BYE TO THOSE REFINED WHEAT PASTAS and say HELLO TO HEALTHY DELICIOUSNESS!! ❤ Continue reading “Simple Vegan Pasta”

Black Rice & Veggie Bowl with Sweet Lemon Tahini

Whats better than a HUGE bowl of rice & veggies?! NOTHING! Just kidding..theres a bunch of other delicious recipes that are just as good! But I gotta say, I am pretty obsessed with rice. Dont listen to people who say rice has too much starch because did you know that

Continue reading “Black Rice & Veggie Bowl with Sweet Lemon Tahini”