Friday Night Sushi Sesh!!

Friday nights (or the weekend) are the nights everyone looks forward too. Sitting in class all week is a pain so I can’t wait for long nights with friends (or staying up binge watching Netflix..LOL). OOOHH! This is the time where I give you a mini life lesson right?! You got that right. Here ya go…

HOW TO HAVE A BETTER WEEK TIP #1: If your having a bad week and everything seems to be going wrong, its best if you constantly have a positive mindset and know that things are going to better. From experience, I know that negative things in my life won’t last forever. This moment, this week, in your life is seriously a teeny-tiny fraction of your lifetime. Bad things won’t last if you don’t let them last. THINK POSITIVE! Know that you are better than this.

HOW TO HAVE A BETTER WEEK TIP #2: One of the best tips I can give you if your having a bad week is to look forward to something fun that weekend. If your going to a Friday night football game, look forward to that or having a sleepover with your friends, going to the movies, going shopping, hanging out with your family. Whatever it may be, look forward to that. Know that weekdays only lasts 5 days and thats NOTHING!  Imagine what fun you will have that weekend or how good spirited you will be! Don’t let your bad week bring you down and ruin that enjoyable weekend you planned.

My idea of a fun weekend is just having a blast in the kitchen. Either experimenting with new recipes or making tons of delicious vegan “junk food” or treats!!

I decided to invite one of my best friends over so we could have a HUGE SUSHI MAKING PARTY!! I have never made sushi at home so I was pretty excited about this. Well let me say….Im not too bad at making sushi….partially because my friend helped me do it because if I did it alone I would fail MISERABLY!  So heres a few pictures that I shot of my sushi that tasted AMAZING! Never going back to store bought sushi again…(just kidding but it really was good!).

Heres what I made:


Avocado Roll – Avocado + sticky white rice + seaweed

Veggie Roll – Cucumber + shredded carrot + avocado + sticky rice + seaweed

Tofu Roll – Tofu + cucumber + shredded carrot + avocado + sticky rice + seaweed

With a side of edamame & liquid aminos (a healthier low-sodium version of soy sauce which tastes so much better! YUM).

I had so much fun making all of this with my friend and I highly recommend to go out and buy all your supplies and have a big SUSHI PARTY!!



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