Loving Life

What does it mean to love life? You could say, you always have happy thoughts or everything in your life is going the way you want it too, but its much more than that. Having a healthy mindset is so incredibly import to insure your loving your life!The way you think will effect everything and everyone around you, a slip of a bad thought can ruin your whole day….you don’t want that do you? Its important to invite things into your life that will help you achieve that healthy mindset. Things like:


Having healthy people surround you in life is AMAZING! Surround yourself with people who will influence you in a good way and will continuously teach you new things that will help you become healthier and happier. Don’t surround yourself with people who will bring you down or stop you from achieving what you love to do. Don’t let people force you into doing something you’re not comfortable with… just DONT! You are perfect the way you are….RIGHT NOW! You can not adapt that healthy mindset if the people in your life don’t want to support that. Invite people into your life that will brighten each day in your life ❤

Find a healthy hobby or passion is great to fill up that spare time that you might usually spend nagging to your parents or siblings or spend binge watching Netflix (gotta say Im guilty of that…). Its important to do useful things in your free time it keeps your mind awake and keeps you thinking clearer. For me, it really helps me go through the rest of the day when I take some time for myself to do what I love doing. I love cooking and baking, so to take time out of my day to do that, really helps to achieve that healthy mindset I want. Finding a healthy hobby or a passion you love always makes you feel happier and more ALIVE! Continuously doing that every day will get you even closer to enjoying life each and every day.

Challenge those negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones! Nothings worse than constantly thinking negative and always bringing yourself down. It unhealthy for not only yourself but people around you. Don’t let your bad attitude affect other peoples days. Don’t let your thoughts bring you down. You are beautiful, smart, courageous, confident and so much more. Thinking these positive thoughts will cause you to change your perspective on the way you see things. If you think your smart, YOU ARE SMART! “Cognitive behavioral therapy practitioners believe that we have the ability to change our behavior by changing our thoughts.” (wikihow.com). If we can change our thoughts, then we can change our attitude and that will lead to a happier day filled with GREAT VIBES!

Fuel your body with healthy foods!!!! I can’t not emphasize that enough! It is so incredibly important that you fill your body with foods that will make you feel happy. “A healthy cognitive system is essential to regulating mood, and certain nutrients have a profound impact on maintaining normal brain function.” (greatist.com). Adding an abundance of essential nutrients in your lifestyle will insure your brain to function properly! Without all these nutrients, your body wouldn’t be able to work properly which could lead to negative thoughts, a decrease in healthy brain and organ function & the decrease in your physical effort. Don’t let those unhealthy processed foods get the best of you! Fill your body with whole, plant-based nutritious foods! You will feel so incredibly ALIVE and HAPPY ❤

These are only a few things that you can do to help you LOVE YOUR LIFE! Why waste your time always thinking negative or doing things that are not the best of you?! Life is short and you only have a certain amount of time to make the best of it. This blog is a guide to help you become healthier and happier and these tips will insure another step in that direction! 🙂

Have an incredibly day and remember….treat your body and mind with RESPECT ❤


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