What is this blog about?

I have never actually thought about starting a blog until yesterday. My mom suggested I start one because I always loved sharing my vegan creations with people around me and I absolutely loved trying out other peoples recipes! A blog to me always seemed like SO MUCH WORK. Having to constantly update people about my life and what new recipes I have to share, but now I love it! I may do it too much….lol. Sharing people about the benefits of being on a healthy and happy lifestyle always interested me and I can’t imagine my life without these wonderful foods that surround me! I don’t want to make this blog ALL about recipes that I have tried or created but I want to tell everybody about how incredible it is to fill your body and mind with healthy and positive thoughts and FOOD (DUHH)! My goal is to spread the message of what its like to be healthy and happy, what does it do to your body and how can I achieve that positive mindset from changing my lifestyle for the better? I want people to know what it feels like to be alive, alive from food and positive, healthy thoughts! We as people shouldn’t always have to think about the bad affects food has on us. We shouldn’t have to constantly pay attention to calories or how many carbs there are in this piece of bread! What we put into our body should always cause us to think positive and we should never have to question the affects of eating this food! We should rejoice in the fact that we are providing our boys with an abundance of nutrients….and who would not want to live longer?!

  • “Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open.” – B.K.S. Iyengar

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